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A family tree of memories

Everyone's got a story to tell.

What's yours?

I wish I had known more about my parents' lives...

I never really knew what my grandfather's life was like. ...Was his experience as a soldier like mine? ...

Was there someone else my mother would have married, if she hadn’t met my father? ... I wonder what advice would she have given me today about relationships.


All too often, these types of questions arise after it's too late. Children and grandchildren often harbor deep regrets not knowing more about their parents' and grandparents' lives. They may wonder what their dreams were, their trials and tribulations throughout life, and their greatest joys and biggest challenges. 


A written legacy is not only a unique tapestry of your past, but also a priceless gift that only you can give your children, grandchildren, and the generations that follow. A written legacy may help a son better understand how his father’s childhood helped guide and shape him. A daughter can gain wisdom in seeing how her mother faced similar challenges to her own. Grandchildren can gain a deeper appreciation of the special wisdom that only the well-lived lives of grandparents can hold. Lessons that are shared not only strengthen family ties, but also build children's resilience when it comes to their own personal life challenges.

Take the time. Tell your tale. The story of your life is a wonderful gift.

If you don't tell it, who will?